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Beyond Boundaries: Lived Pluralistic Memories

This book is the result of research conducted in Anuradhapura district under the Pluralistic Memories Project, hosted at the International Centre for Ethnic Studies, Colombo, and coordinated by the University of Lausanne, Switzerland. It is a broad-spectrum academic researchproject that hopes to elicit the views and diverse memories spanning the three decades of conflict and after, from all Sri Lankans regardless of social categorization. Scholarly work find that narratives of conflict are often framed in a hegemonic, homogenized manner. This process leaves little room for diverse narratives and pluralistic memories of events. Thus, the larger part of memories that people hold are silenced. The research and intervention program of the Project are geared to create a space for pluralistic discussions of the memories of war as well as to provide a safe space for those who share these memories. In this book participants of a focus group discussion share their diverse memories of being at the border villages, their life stories, and collective creative endeavors. They hope that these stories would facilitate a spill-over that will lead to community healing through the sharing of memories, and form the first steps to encouraging positive critical social change. Read their stories in Sinhala.

Beyond the Boundaries (PDF)
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