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Up-country Tamils: Charting a New Future in Sri Lanka edited by Daniel Bass and B. Skanthakumar

The International Centre for Ethnic Studies is pleased to share with you the digital version of its latest publicationUp-country Tamils: Charting a New Futurein Sri Lanka.This book emerged from a conference organized by ICES in August 2017 which brought together a broad range of scholars and practitioners who have been researching and working on the area with an aim to enhance understanding of the issues and challenges on the subject and generate recommendations for law, policy and practice. The book addresses the many problems that Up-country Tamils face in contemporary Sri Lanka, politically, economically and socially, as well as the historical origins and structural determinants of theircurrent predicament. The individual chapter authorspay particularattention to the changes that have taken place for Up-country Tamils since 2009 and their implications for the future of the community.

We hope to have hard copies of the publication available within the next two month

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