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Migration and Collectives/Networks as Pathways Out of Poverty in Fishing Communities

The International Centre for Ethnic Studies (ICES) in Colombo, Sri Lanka, in collaboration with the Norwegian Technical University, Asian Institute of Technology and the University of East Anglia, is participating in a research project focusing on internal and external migration patterns among fishing communities in Sri Lanka, India and Cambodia. This study attempts to understand whether migration helps women and men in fishing communities to move or stay out of poverty. It will assess the gendered benefits and costs of migration in the context of economic, environmental, social and subjective dimensions of poverty and wellbeing. The project aims to generate policy-relevant findings in sustaining livelihoods and social protection in migrant and host communities. This research focuses on two districts in Sri Lanka; Puttlam and Trincomalee.

The project will be implemented for a period of three years, commencing in 2016.

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