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Research Projects

26 Jan 2015

Diversity and Social Inclusion

Building Peace and Governance through Participation of Women with Disabilities in Sri Lanka

This project seeks is to empower women with and without disabilities to participate effectively in shaping Sri Lankas reconciliation...

24 Jul 2014

Coexistence and Religious Harmony

Building Resilient Communities

The ending of the war was seen by many as a paradigm-shifting moment in the country’s history. But more than four years since the end of...

12 Aug 2016

Diversity and Social Inclusion

Enacting a New Law on Disability Rights in Sri Lanka

On the 12th of August 2016, International Centre for Ethnic Studies hosted a round table discussion to generate a dialogue on disability...

23 Jan 2015

Diversity and Social Inclusion

Facilitating the inclusion of civil and political rights of persons with disabilities in the new con

On 8thFebruary 2016 disability rights activists, interested individuals and organizations, met at the International Centre for Ethnic...

26 Jan 2015

Justice Memory and Reconciliation

Filling the Gaps: Giving Shape to Sri Lanka’s Transitional Justice Process

ICES 2016 project on transitional justice is a continuation from the previous transitional justice projects. This focus this year will be on the themes of truth-seeking prosecutions reparations and ...

24 Sept 2014

Justice Memory and Reconciliation

Fostering Pluralistic Memories and Collective Resilience in Fragile Transitional Justice Processes

In the aftermath of protracted civil conflicts, as in Sri Lanka’s case, truth and reconciliation processes have come to be accepted as...

14 Jul 2020


Gender, Justice and Security Hub

ICES is part of a 32-institution global hub on Gender, Justice and Security supported by the UK Research Initiative and the Global...

26 Jan 2015


Identifying Post-War Growth and Economic Opportunities for Women in Sri Lanka

Poverty levels among women in the war-affected Northern Province are among the highest in the country. Since the end of the war in 2009, there have been several initiatives by

26 Oct 2013

Rights and Institutional Reform

Involuntary Resettlement: A Cross Country Study on Urban Inequality and Poverty

Inequality and poverty are mutually reinforcing phenomena and processes. Poverty creating and reducing processes take place in...

12 Aug 2020


Joining the race: Pathways to politics for grassroots and development-sector women in Sri Lanka

Womens representation in political office is critical to achieving gender justice, to advance womens interests, and for inclusive...

24 Feb 2017

Rights and Institutional Reform

Lifting the Veil of Secrecy Right to Information Regimes in Emerging and Existing Democracies

A right to information law gives a person a right to demand information from a public body (and in some cases from a private body) without having to ...

17 Aug 2017

Diversity and Social Inclusion

Migration and Collectives/Networks as Pathways Out of Poverty in Fishing Communities

The International Centre for Ethnic Studies (ICES) in Colombo, Sri Lanka, in collaboration with the Norwegian Technical University, Asian...

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