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Promoting Human Rights, Inclusion and Religious Harmony in Sri Lanka and Beyond

Through research, forum and capacity-building activities, Equitas will work to promote increased religious harmony, respect for human rights and inclusion while mitigating the risk of religious conflict in Sri Lanka (principally in 5 districts: Colombo, Ampara, Galle, Jaffna and Mannar). The project will also seek to share lessons learned and increase capacity of key actors in Burma.

The Project will be implemented in partnership between Equitas and ICES. Members of the alumni of Equitas International Human Rights Training Program will act as resource persons and advisors during some project activities.

The project will have the following expected results:

Improved mitigation strategies, particularly interfaith dialogue and early warning systems, for addressing interreligious conflict in targeted communities in Sri Lanka (Colombo, Ampara, Galle, Mannar and Jaffna)

Increased capacity of community leaders and educators to conduct human rights education activities in targeted communities in Sri Lanka

Increased capacity of community leaders and CSOs in Burma to promote religious harmony and reduce conflict based on religion and ethnicity.

The project will be implemented from October 2016 to March 2019.

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