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Promoting Religious Harmony and Inter-Faith Dialogue

Through research, dialogue, education, and community interventions, this project will enhance understanding between and amongst different religious groups in Sri Lanka, promote social harmony, and foster inter-ethnic and inter-religious coexistence. The project aims in the long term, to contribute to reducing inter-religious tensions in Sri Lanka, to generate a spirit of tolerance and understanding, to contribute to a promotion of religious diversity, and to develop lessons for other societies experiencing similar conflict.


  • To capture and map the recent upsurge in inter-religious violence in Sri Lanka, identify good practices and document positive examples of coexistence and social harmony.

  • To enhance the capacity of civil society organisations, including community based organisations, to promote inter-faith dialogue and engage in social interventions that will foster inter-religious harmony and promote the human rights of all members of the community.

  • To engage key stakeholders including policy makers, parliamentarians, members of the clergy, the business sector and civil society leaders in a dialogue at the national and regional levels on strategies to foster religious harmony and promote peaceful coexistence.

The project will be implemented by the International Centre for Ethnic Studies (ICES) and the International Centre for Human Rights Education (Equitas). Equitas has been engaged in human rights education for many years and is acknowledged as an innovator in the field. Its approaches are recognized as best practices globally.

Timeframe: January 2014 to March 2016

A study examining the different types of religious attacks, the perpetrators involved and the legal and institutional framework pertaining to religious freedom in Sri Lanka was published. Find the link to the study below:

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